A dynamic business group

Harnessing ancient wisdom, in combination with modern business strategies and technology, to deliver a corporate enterprise with a unique sense of purpose.


Wholly inclusive policies for age, gender and ethnicity apply across all corporate members and companies. Strong governance and compliance policies are in place for all group entities.


Clear and well defined aspirations for the group, based on our overriding purpose, form the basis of all group member corporate plans.


Set goals are grounded on three key areas:

• Sustainable growth
• Economic viability
• Cultural suitability

About the Group

The C-Sky Corporate Group is made up of long established companies, new entities and start ups that share a common purpose, established networks plus product and services linkages.

About us

The Benefits


Services and products available to all members of the community


Strategically defined, sustainable financial growth.


Expertise and knowledge to deliver corporate and community growth.
We harness our market-leading expertise across all sectors to offer unrivalled synergy.

Growth Strategies

Markets | Networks | Technology

Key Strategies

Link the expertise, knowledge and talents of group members to drive innovation across our target industry sectors.

Utilise all available group networks to drive input and deliver domestic and global new markets.

Constant Innovation

Establish key research and development group centres to engineer or discover applicable technology, systems or technology.

Consistently research and apply best practice principles to all group member

New Technology

Embrace and implement beneficial technological advances.

Pursue and develop sustainable technological development across the group.

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